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3 Beauty Themes of NYC Fashion Week 2022

This year, fashion designers are shaking the current trends for makeup and hair. Many looks from past decades are coming back in style, as they always do. The beauty world is seeing lots of change, meaning that you should be on the lookout for ways to update your look for the upcoming months. This year’s Fashion Week also included lots of versatility, so there is a look for everyone.

Here are some of the top three beauty looks from NYC Fashion Week 2022.

  • Minimalism 

Designer Tory Burch featured minimalist looks during her runway show. Models wore little eye and face makeup, with the most noticeable part of the look being the soft pink lipstick.


PatBo, another designer, also featured a minimalist look by making it seem as though models were not wearing any makeup at all.




Many celebs were also spotted wearing a minimalist look with muted eyeshadows, pale lip colors, and light-colored blushes.

However, a minimalist look does not mean that you have to sacrifice anything as far as looks go. Adding a subtle highlight or shimmer to your makeup scheme, as designer PatBo did on their runway, can create a glow to your look without having to go for bolder options.



  • Bold Eyeshadow 

On the other end of the spectrum, some designers opted for a bold look for their runway shows. Bold eyeshadow was visible on several designers’ looks, including Dur Doux’s model that wore a bright yellow eyeshadow to complement the outfit’s red, yellow, and royal blue tones.





Another example of a bold look is from Kim Shui, who was inspired by the 90s for outfit choices and makeup. The blue eyeshadow matches the trim on the gingham ruffled top the model is wearing.






Bronx and Banco also styled their show with a similar look but inspired by popular 1970s looks. The disco-era brought disco-ball colored eyeshadow, which is making a comeback. Although silver is not as bold a color seen on other runways, it still is used as a statement part of the look






  • Dramatic Blush 

With bold eyeshadows, dramatic blushes are all the rage for the upcoming seasons. Designers like Christian Cowan featured bright pink blush on the runway. The blush accentuates the model’s high cheekbones in this look, matching her flamboyant feather and sequined outfit.





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