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Almost 2 years ago, Sephora announced their 15% pledge, committing their team to being more inclusive in the brands’ product assortment. Fast forward to 2023, the notable makeup brand is championing diversity through its 8-year-old Accelerate Brand Incubation program. To be a part of this program allows the carefully selected entrepreneurs to be eligible to participate in a 6-month curriculum that provides opportunities to receive grants and places them in spaces to network and build investor collections.


This year, Sephora’s Senior Vice President of Global Merchandising, Priya Venkatesh, welcomes 2023’s selected cosmetic brand owners for the program. Ranging from skincare and makeup to fragrance and hair, check out these 7 beauty brands designed with Melanin in mind, below.


1. Range Beauty – makeup created to make your Melanin shine without irritating your beauty underneath.


Founder: Alicia Scott
IG Handle: @alicia.aes
Brand IG: @rangebeauty



 2. Glosshood – gloss balm created to honor your inner child.


Founder: Sienna Brown
IG Handle: @thesiennabrown
Brand IG: @glosshood



3. Seaspire Skincare – science driven sustainable skincare created to care for your Melanin.


Founder: Dr. Camille Martin
IG Handle: @seaspireskincare
Brand IG: @seaspireskincare 



4. Oui The People – bodycare made for us by us.


Founder: Karen Young
IG Handle: @ouithepeople
Brand IG: @ouithepeople



5. Of Other Worlds – skincare created to be as fluid as you are.


Founder: Simedar Jackson
IG Handle: @simedarjackson
Brand IG: @of_otherworlds



 6. Moodeaux – clean fragrances created to flaunt how you feel.


Founder: Brianna Arps
IG Handle: @briannaarps
Brand IG: @moodeauxofficial



7. Brown Girl Jane – clean fragrances designed to boost mood and reduce stress.


Founders: Tai Beauchamp, Malaika Jones, Nia Jones
IG Handle: @taibeau @browngirlmalaika @niafana
Brand IG: @itsbrowngirljane


 By: MF Writing Team 


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