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Need I say that sunscreen is the most underused skin product amongst our Melanated Kings and Queens! Why so? There is a myth that deep Melanated skin types do not need sunscreen. I am sure that we all have that one friend, colleague or relative that don’t believe in the use of sunscreen because of their skin shade.


Now what skin type is considered Melanated? Well, according to the Fitz Partrick skin type scale, melanin or brown – deep black pigmented skins are on the scale 4-6. On this skin type scale, these skin types rarely experience skin burn, but tan easily when exposed to UVA/UVB rays. Although, Melanated skin rarely burns, tans easily and can be very pigmented when it does, this does not mean that our skin is immune to other skin problems or damages caused by prolonged exposure to UVA/B rays.


We all know that sunscreens are marketed as products that protects against sunburns, so it is no surprise that a Melanated individual would assume that sunscreens aren’t meant for them. However, a well formulated sunscreen can protect the skin from damages other than sunburn. UVA/B rays are capable of altering our skin’s natural structure, DNA, which can lead to premature aging of the skin that can potentially lead to cancer.


When you find the right sunscreen for you, it should be able to protect your skin against other damages caused by free radicals. Some of these damages may include wrinkling, sagging of the skin, acne and hyperpigmentation. So, do you still think the underuse of sunscreen by our Melanated Kings and Queens shouldn’t be a problem that needs to be amplified amongst our plethora of problems we are already faced with in the cosmetics and beauty industry?


If you agree we need to teach each other what we learn especially when it can affect us culturally then tell anyone you know, whether friend, colleague or relative that the misconception of sunscreen not being for us is NOT TRUE! Share this little knowledge with them, and make them understand that sunscreen is a core regimen for healthy skin!


Want to know which sunscreen is right for you? Come back for our next piece, which will talk about the common types of sunscreens, their differences and much more! But before then, check out this brand sunscreen for all skin types, especially Melanin. It’s is a good place to start!


By: MF Writing Team



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