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It is with great sadness that we report the death of AJ Crimson, one of our contributors and well-known makeup artist and entrepreneur. Crimson’s death was reported to the media on the evening of March 30. He was 27 years old. 


AJ Crimson was known to the beauty world as a pioneer, someone who paid attention to the nuanced needs of women of all skin tones and complexions in the beauty industry. His journey with entrepreneurship started in 2013 when he created his own makeup brand. His experience as a celebrity makeup artist influenced him to craft makeup lines catered toward helping women “rediscover their true beauty” and to enhance the existing beauty of the individual. In his time as a makeup artist, he worked with celebrities such as Missy Elliott, Angela Bassett, Regina King, and Brandy. 


His death and the circumstances surrounding it have not yet been confirmed. Crimson’s family released a statement about their tragic loss: “…We as a family are heartbroken and devastated by his passing, but thankful for the lessons that he laid on each of us with his truth, directness, and leadership. We thank you all for your kind words, tweets, and posts, as AJ was an inspiration to us as much as he was a bright light to the rest of the world…” 


Crimson will be remembered as one of the most notable makeup artists and entrepreneurs of his time, especially because he accomplished so much in such a short period of time.


By: Morgan Bailee Boggess


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