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When I hear self-love, my mind immediately fills with beautiful things. From words of affirmations, to solo walks in the park, giving myself an herb bath, sitting in silence with my plants, to playing music and dancing as if I have a crowd watching – it invokes so many feelings. I break down the phrase and take apart the two words that it is composed of:

Self. Me. My, self. My being, my existence.

Love. A vibration, an emotion, a transfer of one of the highest energies we can emit. A universal, yet, a misunderstood and misspoken language at times.

Self-love gives me the feeling and the energy of knowing that I come first. Reaffirming that I deserve the most beautiful things and that my desires, are given permission to be served first. On a spiritual and mental level, it reminds me that once I have set the tone of how I treat myself, I give no being the control or the ability to treat me otherwise. Self-love is as much of an action as it is a mindset. It is what you pour into yourself, from your routines, to your thoughts, it is mind body and soul. When you take full care of yourself, you are stronger in every sense of the word.

When it comes to my own personal self-care, in between being an entrepreneur, a Mother, a girlfriend and in between day-to-day, I find it easiest to dedicate a time during the week to do something for myself. If the week has been too busy and I can’t find a sacred moment, I will dedicate a morning/evening during the weekend to doing a routine. Personally, because I am grateful and fortunate to live with my daughter’s father, he respects and understands the importance of me needing to restore and renew myself. During the week, I tend to use my daughters nap time as my self-love time and it varies on my mood. Sometimes it’s doing a midday face mask, writing out some affirmations or a note to myself that came to mind, a quick journal log or just sitting in silence before we get into our next activity.  I would have to say my ultimate self-love, self-care day is Sunday. Not only is it my favorite day of the week, but it is my favorite day to do restorative things that refuel my mind and energy to look forward to a productive week.

Here is a little breakdown of a few of the things I rotate on my Self-Care Sundays:

  • Skin Care – A mud/clay mask, a facial steam, enzyme mask, rosehip oil/vitamin e serum
  • A lavish breakfast – cooking for myself, fueling my body with fresh & healthy ingredients
  • A workout/stretch routine (I love the FitOn app! Great for quick hitters)
  • Reading/Catching up on a show/Listening to a podcast
  • Sitting with my plants or outside for some fresh air, a quick walk
  • Luxurious bath – I do an assortment of natural salts, flowers, herbs, a glass of wine on the side of course
  • 15-30 minutes dedicated to prayer/meditation followed with a journal log or writing/reciting affirmations
  • Going to bed early/a good night’s rest

While this is my personal routine, it does not always pan out so it’s always important to make even if 10-15 minutes of time for yourself at some point in the week to pour into yourself, in whatever form that resonates best for you. Life is busy and we all function on different levels and schedules but any time you can make for yourself, is important to your self-love, self-care. I would suggest first thing in the morning, when it’s quiet and you have a moment to yourself, set that tone, put forward that energy in reminding yourself who you are. Reminding yourself that you are more than enough, that you are ALWAYS allowed to put yourself first (mentally, emotionally, physically). Love on yourself, set the tone for your manifestations and the way you continue throughout your journey in this realm.


Be Well!



By: Milkah W.






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