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Our Top 5 Makeup Bag Essentials


As we all already know, women are major consumers and have dominated the beauty industry for the longest time. Yet there is still a lack of science-based knowledge used when creating makeup and skincare designed specifically for Melanated skin. Many of us find some products to be unrealistic-looking, grey, non-existent or just not fit for our skin. The good news is there has been a positive trend in the beauty market embracing a multitude of shades, including the deepest, and the fairest, of them all!


It’s such a daunting position to be in; to buy products that don’t match our complexions. We have been fed the idea that one shade fits all and it’s certainly not the case. Ugh, listen we know and we hear you.


Melanin Factory was born from the belief that we need to collectively embrace beauty. We aim to encourage diversity and the celebration of all shades. Here, we’re not just selling products, we are honouring our differences and how that in itself makes us the same. Each of our products are meticulously selected and curated to fit the various shades of Melanin. We understand how limited the products that are available in the market are for darker skinned women so here we are! We offer a range of products, that are suitable for many shades of complexions, from lipsticks and bronzers to moisturizers and face cleansers you must have in your bathroom. Yesss!! We want people to scream with excitement and say “OMG!! This looks great on my skin”. That is what we aim to make happen.


To us, assembling your first makeup kit is like buying your first car. Lots of research and time is put into it to make sure it suits your daily needs. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy beauty products that are not suitable for your skin.  We want to help you slim down the list of essential items so you don’t have to lug that big vanity bag of yours around.


Check out these products you need for your makeup kit. Always remember, skincare first! Here are our 5 must-have items to make you appear like a professional.




Rain or shine, it is crucial we arm ourselves against the harsh sun rays as the sun does not discriminate. SPF is a must even when you are indoors.  While having more Melanin produces darker complexion and extra protection, it is important to keep in mind that it doesn’t equate to sun resistance. The misconception that darker skin tone do not require sunscreen is false. As a matter of fact, skipping sunscreen may increase your risk of skin cancer. Like any other beauty product, not all sunscreens are formulated the same and the products are not formulated with darker skin tones in mind. We have come up with sunscreens that can blend well with your skin without leaving any white cast behind. You wouldn’t want to appear in town looking like Casper! Yes, white casts are a common occurrence but you can change that. We ensure our sunscreen is lightweight and gives you the mattifying effect so you won’t feel oily and greasy!! What’s more to it? Our line of sunscreen will mellow and melt into your skin. According to a Healthline article, Black Girl Sunscreen is listed as facial sunscreen for dark skin.

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Let’s imagine. Your skin is glowing with the foundation that you just applied. As mentioned, there is no one shade that fits all. One of Melanin Factory Brands; Maréna Beauté has come up with precise colors to match different complexions that suit darker skin tones. Not only that, but we have also made an array of shades with different undertones that will enhance your beautiful color. You may also encounter instances such as your face looking cakey after foundation. At Melanin Factory, we leave that right out at the door. Say bye to the cakey-looking foundation and bring that healthy glow out!

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Pucker up! Have you ever started thinking about which lipstick shades suit your complexion, have high pigmentation and stay on all day? Or sipping your favorite cocktail and you found your lipstick stained on the glass?  Don’t fret, we cracked the code for you so you don’t have to! For darker skin complexions it is crucial to choose colors that complement well with your brown tones and make those colors pop! There is a selection to choose from and you won’t be out of choice! We offer an array of lipsticks whereby you can use them all on rotation suited for your daily occasions. At Vera Moore Cosmetics, we have a range of lip liners, lipsticks, and lip glosses.

You named them, we’ve got them! Not to forget our lipstick range is smooth. Just glide them through your lips and watch the transformation right in front of the mirror.

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Eyeshadow Primer

Prepping with eye primer before your eyeshadow is a must!! Eyeshadow helps your eyeshadow to stay in place and scream “Do Not Move!”. Our eyeshadow will melt into your skin like butter in a hot pan. Alright, minus the sizzle. Imagine the time and effort we took to perfect the makeup looks for them to crease and fade over time. With our eyeshadow primer, you do not need to apply a white base or transition color. Ohh, you have oily lids? No problem your holy grail is here! They hold your eyeshadow colors like strong glue! Try out our eyeshadow at Omolewa Makeup “Make it last forever eye shadow primer”. True to its name this primer holds your makeup in place acting as a tight grip for your eyeshadow, crease-proof, waterproof, smudge-proof, multipurpose and it is a must-have in your makeup bag. True to its name, this primer is everything.

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Highlighting Spray

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So, you saw those ladies having a diamond glow on their skin in real life and commercials and wonder how they did they achieve that look? Try our OMGlo Cosmetics Diamond Dusk. Our highlighting spray gives you a beautiful glow to your face and body. We carefully put together aloe vera and other botanical extracts to help you achieve a more nourishing and brighter skin.  We offer a range of shades from fair to darker skin tones. Each shade is made up of a custom blend of light-catching pigments that accentuate your healthy skin’s natural radiance. The best part? You will definitely find your own shade and say no to disappointment! Also, this bottle of goodness features a unique scent by combining sweet orange and lavender scent! You are going to love it!

Here’s a tip for you lovelies out there. Ensure the layers are applied in layers and allow the product to dry in between. Wanted to add dimension? Consider layering multiple shades! It worked like a charm! Try it out yourself


In this modern-day and age, the beauty market has been expanding and diversifying ever so quickly. We celebrate Black Culture at Melanin Factory every day. We emulate your beauty at Melanin Factory. There are some brands that we carry and hope you love them as much as we do. We want our products to be backed by the amazing shades that are created specifically for women of color, you!


By: Rocky Perez 


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