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People of color know just how hard it is to find authentic brands with melanin skin in mind when formulating skincare products. Melanin skin has unique characteristics and requires specially formulated skin care products.


Don’t worry, though, here at the melanin factory; we see your melanin; we love it and want you to experience the beauty of inclusion. So, here is a list of our favourite top 10 safe melanin skincare brands that you can trust and try out in your 2021 melanin skin care routine.



Nyakio Beauty

Nyakio beauty is a safe skincare brand whose ingredients are globally sourced to serve the melanin community. A black family tradition beauty secret inspires the brand. Shea butter, their base ingredient, is incorporated with other safe ingredients to produce melanin-safe skincare products that leave your melanin skin glowing. The brand has categorically avoided the use of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde which may be harmful to your skin and health in general. Our favorite product is the must-try Nyakio cleansing oil balm. The sumptuously rich cleanser melts makeup, dirt, and other impurities from your skin, leaving you radiant, glowing skin.



Scotch Porter

Dear melanin kings, this brand is specially formulated by a melanin king for your melanin skin. The brand focuses on nurturing the melanin skin to bring out an even-toned, revived, lustered, and glowy skin. Their melanin face kit is specially enriched with pomegranate enzyme, turmeric root, and white willow bark that ensures to leave you with a clear, radiant, younger-looking skin. The newly reformulated exfoliating face scrub is melanin-safe, filled with natural ingredients that leave your skin lighter and without blemishes. This exfoliating face scrub is a must add to your skincare routine.



Bolden Skincare

The Bolden skincare is crafted with a wide range of natural formulations to make brown skin sun-worshippers feel beautiful in their natural skin. With a wide range of natural ingredients, the brand gives power, confidence, and pride to women of color. The Bolden SPF 30 brightening moisturizer protects your melanin from UVA/UVB rays which may cause hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. SPF 30 contains vitamin c, squalene, and safflower oil which restores sun-damaged skin.


Vera Moore Cosmetic

An actress who felt the gap in the makeup and skincare industry decided to build a brand to include, exalt and exquisitely show the beauty of melanin skin.  Vera created a melanin skincare brand that elevates women of color from all walks of life. Our favorite product from their skincare collection is the Vera Moore herbal balancer. This toner is enriched with Rosemary, cucumber, orange, and peppermint essential oils that soothe and regulate surface oils. Be sure to apply daily after cleansing for best results.



Golden Grooming Co

Nothing beats a melanin king with a well-groomed beard that also smells divine. Golden Grooming knows a healthy beard grows on healthy skin and that is what the golden beard oil is specially formulated to achieve. With botanical ingredients such as tea tree, peppermint, avocado, olive, hemp, Jojoba among others, the small bottle is packed to make your beard thick and the skin underneath healthy. It is every Blackman’s dream, try it out.



Ame Skincare

Stephanie, a black woman who battled eczema for years put her soul into handcrafting the formulas of Ame products. Âme prides itself in gentle handmade skincare products that are perfect for sensitive melanin skin. Âme is yours to go to if you are struggling with eczema, hyperpigmentation, dryness, acne, and more. Their Tumeric soap has notes of rosegold and citrus to naturally remove stubborn dark spots.



Organic Bath

Created out of necessity to cater to sensitive melanin skin, the Organic bath is gender-neutral skincare and bath works brand that believes in simplicity and necessity to nourish. With the base product as mango and shea butter, the skincare brand promises clean and safe melanin skincare products for both men and women. Their nourish night face balm is the truth to your night skincare ritual. It is formulated with rosehip, jojoba oil, prickly pear seed oil mango, and shea butter. The balm repairs, hydrates and soothes your skin so you wake up with radiant, calm, and deeply nourished skin every morning.



Mele Skincare

Uniliver scientists and dermatologists of color came together to create a skincare brand specific for women of color. Melanin-rich skin deserves to be a priority and women of color deserve amazing skincare.  Our favorite from this brand is the Smooth pore minimizing serum. A mattifying serum that visibly tightens your pores and rebalances oils all day for beautiful, primed, and even-textured skin. The serum doubles up as a primer so be sure to save some coins with this scientifically formulated serum for your melanin magic.



Black Girl Sunscreen

The black skin is prone to hyperpigmentation and premature aging if exposed to the dangerous UVA/UVB sun rays and must be protected at all times. This brand was created by a melanin queen for melanin skin to avoid the white yucky residue left by popular Sunscreen brands. Taking care of your melanin skin from a younger age is insurance to a forever of naturally nourished and beautiful black skin. The BGS kids SPF  50 protects them while they play. It is reef and ocean safe and has great moisturizing qualities from its avocado base.



Oyin Handmade

Oyin was started to provide natural products to highly texturized hair in a time when the market was flooded with products to straighten ethnic hair. As the brand grew, a skincare brand was born and whose base ingredient is honey. Our choice this year is their Honey water oil-free hydrating mist. Summer doesn’t get any better than this with a honey and aloe vera juice mist that is light and airy. Grab this gem and remember to keep your melanin hydrated all day every day.

Let us know in the comments which brand you will be trying.


By: Edel Kaviku


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