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Picture this; while scrolling through Instagram you find a picture of a model with a bomb outfit, laid hairstyle and a flawlessly beat face. Then, you attempt to mimic that model, but fail horrifically. These YouTubers will help you redefine your inner beauty.

Instagram Handle: @jackieaina

Instagram Followers: 1.7M

YouTube Channel: Jackie Aina

YouTube Subscribers: 3.59M Subscribers

Honey, be your own unique blueprint, but if you are looking for the original blueprint; search Jackie Aina’s name.

Jackie Aina is a global beauty icon, and a spokesperson in the beauty industry for women of color. All thanks to her, you will easily become the fly girl with your hair and makeup routine.

Aina’s channel shows step-by-step how to achieve the simplest to the boldest makeup routines while keeping clear, and glowing skin. Aina gives a glimpse of how to pull off cute hairstyles with your wigs and natural hair.


Instagram Handle: @AaliyahJay

Instagram Followers: 2M


YouTube Channel: MsAaliyahJay

YouTube Subscribers: 1.47M

Want to be an It girl? Aaliyah Jay has made her mark on the beauty industry with her makeup tutorials, and wardrobe.

While Jay’s channel focuses on trying new cosmetics, and makeup tutorials; Jay also focuses on creating clothing hauls featuring major discounted clothing brands, such as, ‘Shein,’ and ‘Fashion Nova,’

It is not about how much you spend, but what you make out of how much you spend. Jay can make you an ‘It girl’ with the simplest of pieces and all while on a budget.

Received your stimulus, and only have pocket change left? Jay can show you how to be New York fashion runway ready in no time.

Once you are New York fashion ready; Jay will do a how-to for a simple glam makeup routine bringing everything together.

On a budget? Jay can show you how to make it glam.


Instagram Handle: @Shalomblac

Instagram Followers: 767K


YouTube Channel: Shalom Blac

YouTube Subscribers: 1.56M

We all have those days where we wish we were Instagram model ready, Flaws nonexistent. Honey, you make the flaws, and flaws do not make you.

Shalom Blac who was tragically burnt has risen to fame in the industry and has taken her burn marks as a trophy and made them her pathway in the industry.

Within Blac’s channel you will find a way to do your makeup to perfection and feel beautiful throughout. Blac gives directions on how to achieve the subtle, but bold makeup routine.

Blac highlights her scars, and does not hide them, and neither should you. The ideal of beauty is you.


Instagram Handle: @alfredlewislll

Instagram Followers: 71.8K


YouTube Channel: Alfred Lewis lll

YouTube Subscribers: 102K

Some may know, and others may not, but haircare is extremely expensive, especially when you must pay someone to lay your wigs properly. If you are looking to save some coins by installing your own lace wigs, look no further.

Alfred Lewis III, with the hands of an Angel, will give you directions on how to properly lay your lace wigs without paying a fee to an expensive hairstylist. After purchasing a good quality wig with your hard-earned money, you probably twitch at the idea of paying another few hundred for an install. With the guidance of Lewis, you will be a hairstylist in no time; leaving people to ask, “Girl, what Lace?”

Lewis, originally from Chicago, Illinois, now making his mark in Los Angeles by showing off his outstanding hair skills, and beautiful hand-made lace wigs. Lewis is on the road to taking the industry by storm with his transformation videos.

Lewis helped me no longer want to pay the amount I did, because I can lay a wig effortlessly.


Instagram Handle: @naturally.sunny

Instagram Followers: 80.4K


YouTube Channel: Naturally Sunny

YouTube Subscribers: 248K

Having natural hair is hard, and it is known that natural hair is a full-time job. Naturally Sunny can give some cute hairstyles ideas.

Honey, having hair is never easy whether you are relaxed or natural, 4C or 2B. On those days where you cannot see anything to do with your hair Naturally Sunny can show you the way.

Sunny’s channel is a one stop shop with step-by-step versatile makeup routines, and bomb hairstyle routines.

When I went natural, Sunny helped me find some cute hairstyles to add to my routine and there has not been a bad hair day since!

After you subscribe, stick with Sunny’s makeup and hair routines and be a baddie!

Instagram Handle: @bretmanrock

Instagram Followers: 15.7M


YouTube Channel: Bretman Rock

YouTube Subscribers: 8.35M

An honorable mention, and one of my all-time favorites, Bretman Rock! A young global Icon who has taken the beauty industry by the neck and has not let go since.

Rock shows you how to treat your body like it is golden, and how to do a fly makeup routine. Once you scroll through Rock’s channel, you will want to work out and do your makeup the flyest way you know how!

To the people reading, these are some of my favorite YouTubers! Hopefully you will follow them and have the glow-up of the century. We are ready for it!

By: Jada Henderson


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