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Growing up, I felt it was unfair that nude was a color that usually matched my white or white-passing friends. It was hard to accept the fact that nude generally did not encompass darker skin tones or even light brown skin tones. When it came to shoes, stockings, lipsticks, glosses or any items labeled “nude”, the color was very rarely the same color as my skin.


For as long as I can remember, nude usually meant light peach, pale pink or beige, at best. And while those colors compliment my Melanin, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for when I wanted a nude color, especially a nude lip.


Nude, which means “a naked human figure as the subject of a painting, sculpture, or photograph”, causes one to question which human figure the dictionary was referencing. What did this human figure look like and were we only considering one type of human? The timing of when the word was defined in the dictionary has everything to do with who was being considered back then. It’s a key factor as to why it has not, traditionally, been inclusive of multiple shades for a long time.


But now, in 2021, thankfully, we’ve progressed.  A second definition of nude states: “a color of clothing or makeup resembling that of the wearer’s skin”. This, in contrast to the first, at least acknowledges the uniqueness of an individual’s skin tone and the possibilities of what nude means to them.


Now, I know way more brands that carry hues of chocolate, caramel, and mahogany; and despite me getting used to the light khaki looking tan color for nude, now I get to have fun creating new nude looks. Some of my new favorite makeup lines are my favs simply because I was a considerable thought when their products were created. It really makes a difference when your makeup accentuates all aspects of your skin tone because of intention.


The first brand I’d like to mention is Maréna Beauté. This brand focuses on creating makeup for darker skin, like mine. Their Rouge Tarou Nude line is a cream lipstick that comes in shades: Praline, Honey, and Toffee (respectively pictured below).













Next up is a gloss by AJ Crimson, ‘cuz I love a glossy lip! AJ Crimson’s Matte Lip Gloss, Love Jones is similar to the lighter colors I’m used to wearing. It’s the perfect contrast with the Maréna Beauté Praline brown lip. This combo is a perfect go-to for date night. Just line your lips with a brown lip liner and *chef’s kiss*!

Love Jones


Last but not least, Vera Moore Cosmetics! Vera is a whole mood and her line offers a bunch of options for nude, depending on your shade. Shown below are a few amongst my top picks: Chocolate, Kiss N’ Tell, and Tasty*.


Chocolate *                                   Kiss N’ Tell *




Glamorous                                         Tasty *




Timeless                                        Seashell


If you love a good nude check out few Melanated brands below!


  1. Aura Rouge Beauty – Matte Liquid Lipstick
    • Timeless
    • Boy Is Mine
    • Honey
  2. Simone Beauty – Lip Mattes (Link in Bio) Lip Glosses
    • Billionaire
    • You’re My Boooyfriend
    • D-tox
  3. Beauty Bakerie – Matte Lip Whip
    • Chocolate for Breakfast
    • S’mores D’oeuvres
    • Fortune Cookie
  4. Black Radiance Beauty – Perfect Tone Matte Lip Crème
    • Go Nude
  5. Sacha Cosmetics – Cream Lipstick
    • Chiffon
    • Cognac
  6. Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics – Nude Lipsticks
    • A WHOLE Line Y’ALL 
  7. Mented Cosmetics
    • Dark Night


By: MF Writing Team


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