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There are no limits to creativity when it comes to eyeliner. From liquid eyeliners to gel eyeliners, eyeliner is one of the most versatile beauty products that exists today.

Depending on the look you’re going for, wearing eyeliner can give the illusion that your eyes are smaller or bigger than normal. Eyeliner can also brighten, and add character and depth to your eyes with or without applying eyeshadow.

However, many of us wear one particular eyeliner style for so long that we miss out on using our eyeliners to their full potential.

Whether you want to get the shape of your wing right or you want to experiment with a different colored pencil liner, keep reading to discover seven iconic eyeliner looks to help you channel your mood (and creativity!).

Subtle liner:

Contrary to popular opinion, eyeliner does not always have to be noticeable. You can apply the tiniest amount of eyeliner right in between your eyelashes and call it a day.

A long-wearing gel or pencil eyeliner is the perfect product to do this look. Both are moveable and can be smudged with a brush to create the subtle and flattering definition that is characteristic of a natural eyeliner look.

If you’re going for a natural or ‘no makeup’ makeup look, a little eyeliner goes a long way.

How to do this look: Use a pencil or gel liner to line your upper lash line in tiny, short strokes. The strokes should be done as close to the lashes as possible.

Then, use the eyeliner to fill in-between the lashes to make sure there are no missed spots or patches.

Tip: If the strokes turn out to be too thick, you can shave it down with a pointed Q-tip dipped in the tiniest bit of moisturizer.

Graphic double liner:

Take the classic winged liner look up a notch by applying your eyeliner twice. This double liner look defines the eyes and amplifies the crease exceptionally. This look is very similar to a cat eye, but with an extra feral edge.

You can get this intense look with a pencil or liquid eyeliner is perfect for this look, provided it doesn’t smudge. Granted, this look takes a bit of practice before you get the shape right, but it is worth it once you do.

How to do this look: Reach for a black (or bold and colorful) pencil/liquid eyeliner and draw a line starting from your inner corner near your lower lash line. Extend the line up and across your crease and end with a wing at the outer corner.

Trace another line across your upper lash line and connect it to the wing you have created. Finish this look with a few swipes of mascara and you’re set!

Layered liner:

If you have always wanted to experiment with colored eyeliner, you’ll love this look. The layered liner look is a tad risky, but the concept is very classy. It involves layering two complementary colored eyeliners.

In the image above, the black eyeliner (the first layer) defines the eye shape, and the golden color on top adds character and dimension to the look.

How to do this look: Use a pencil or liquid eyeliner and draw on your regular winged liner. Then, use a different eyeliner color and trace right above your first wing to create a second layer. Apply a few coats of a lengthening or volumizing mascara, and you’ve got a beautiful double layered liner look!

Tip: Both pencil and liquid eyeliner formulas can be used to do this look. However, if you’re using liquid eyeliners for both colors, just be sure to let the first layer dry completely before applying the second.

Waterline liner:

If you had a late night or you overslept and you need a quick makeup hack to make you look awake, look no further than a waterline liner look. Applying a white or flesh-toned gel eyeliner on your waterline can instantly brighten and reduce any redness in your eyes.

Using neutral shades of gel eyeliner on your inner waterline can also make your eyes look bigger.

How to do this look: Pull your lower lid down with your ring finger and swipe a cotton swab across it to remove excess moisture. Then trace your eyeliner along the exposed area. Continue tracing the liner on until you have achieved the intensity you want.

Tip: For a sultry, mysterious look, you should use black or brown eyeliner instead of white or flesh-toned eyeliner.

Fishtail liner:

If you want an exotic eyeliner look that is reminiscent of Ancient Egypt, the fishtail liner is your best bet.

It is a subtle spin on the classic cat-eye liner as the feline-like wing is split to form two flicks – one on top and the other below – similar to the tail of a fish. Both flicks end just beyond your lash line, and are smudged out slightly to provide depth and dimension.

How to do this look: Use a black gel pencil eyeliner to line the outer part of your bottom lash line. Then, a draw line out from the lower corner of your eye.

Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a line connecting the outer tip of your line to your lower lash liner to create a triangle. Next, fill in the triangle with your liquid eyeliner and use your pencil eyeliner to line your upper waterline.

Apply generous coats of mascara and, voila, your fishtail liner look is done.

Tip: Make sure your upper and lower liner connects in a fishtail shape at the outer corner of your eye.

Reverse winged liner:

We all know of the classic winged eyeliner, but have you tried to do this look in reverse?

This liner look has all the fierceness and sexiness of a regular winged liner, but it’s inverted to draw attention to your lower lash line. The result is a smoky, captivating under-eye liner that wings out to create a sultry feline shape.

How to do this look: Reach for a pencil eyeliner and trace a thin cat eye along your upper lash line. Then, create a wing from your inner corner across your lower lash line and extend it to your outer corner.

Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes and you’re set!

Smoky eyeliner:

This is the ultimate eyeliner style to do if you are going for a femme fatale look. It has just the right amount of intensity, sexiness and fierceness. When done properly, it can accentuate the shape and color of your eyes and make them pop.

How to do this look: Use a gel eyeliner to line along your upper and lower lash lines. If you want to, you can line only the top lash line thickly and line your lower waterline with a black eyeliner.

Smudge the upper line with a brush in a circular motion. You can blend it out towards the middle of the lid to create the perfect gradient. Then, retrace your lash lines with a pencil to make your eyes pop.

Blend the edges into your crease with a brush.

Jazz up your eyeliner game with these different eyeliner styles. All that’s left for you to do now is to take out your eyeliner and try to create these styles.

Don’t panic if you don’t get them right on your first try. Applying eyeliner is difficult and it can take a bit of practice and patience to master these looks. But when you do, it’s all going to be worth it!


By: Althea Storm


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