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Sleek or luminous, what is matte foundation and how does it differ from dewy foundation? Read on as we discuss the difference between the two.

If the hassle of finding your perfect foundation tone wasn’t enough, there’s the additional task of finding which finish of foundation you want to ‘face the world’ with. What is matte foundation? Does dewy foundation make me look greasy? There are many questions that come into play when talking about foundation. However, there’s no need to fear! We’re going to explain the differences between two of the most popular foundation finishes and what they mean for your makeup routine. The finishes will focus on matte foundation and dewy foundation. Taking the mystery out of foundation labeling and packaging, we’ll dive deep into the basics of who, what, where, and when to wear these foundations – and if it’s beneficial to add both into your makeup collection.

What is Matte Foundation?
Each foundation dries to the skin with a variety of finishes – each leaving the face as a platform to inspire the rest of the makeup look. For matte foundation, after application, the skin’s finish will look as though it’s been air-brushed. This complexion could look more like a velvety texture. Overall, the main goal of matte foundation is to not reflect any light onto the skin.

Examples of some of our favorite matte foundation products:
– Uoma ‘Say What?’ Foundation
– BLK/OPL ‘True Color’ Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF 15
– Juvia’s Place I AM MAGIC Velvety Matte Foundation

Who Should Wear Matte Foundation?
Let’s debunk a myth! It’s rumored that matte foundation is for those who are younger without fine lines and wrinkles (as the foundation ‘removes hydration’ leaving a matte finish). While matte foundation is recommended for those with oily skin, this foundation finish is not limited to those without fine lines and excess oil production. This may have been the case with foundation over a decade ago, but the technology behind matte formulas has come a long way. Many matte foundations including AJ Crimson’s Dual Crème Foundation have introduced luxury formulas that offer extra hydration while still creating a sleek matte finish.

What is Matte Foundation Good For?
As matte foundation is known to block out light reflection and hide the appearance of excess oil, we recommend wearing matte foundation for photoshoots, or when looking for a makeup look that will last throughout the day. Additionally, for those with acne prone, or blemished skin, matte formula is traditionally high coverage and can cover imperfections.

When to Wear Matte Foundation?
Matte foundation is wonderful in the summertime, when your makeup routine is put up against wear and tear of the day (i.e. sweat from the summertime heat).

Cons of Matte Foundation
If you’re looking for a more natural makeup look and finish, matte foundation formulas can appear a bit heavier than other foundation finishes.

What is Dewy Foundation?
The opposite of matte foundation, a dewy foundation helps create a natural glow to the skin. A dewy formula is geared to create a lit-from-within appearance and create a sheen finish. Dewy foundation is great for creating a hydrated complexion to draw high points of the face with light reflection.

Examples of some of our favorite dewy foundation products:
– The Lip Bar Fast Face Skin Serum Foundation
– Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation
– Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover

Who Should Wear Dewy Foundation?
Those who tend to have drier skin would benefit from the extra hydration offered in a dewy finish foundation. Additionally those looking for a natural makeup finish who aren’t looking for medium to complete coverage – as dewy formula tends to have lighter coverage or a buildable formula.

What is Dewy Foundation Good For?
Dewy foundation is a wonderful foundation finish if you’re looking to bring light to the face for a youthful and glowing complexion. Additionally, if you’re looking to use foundation as body makeup, dewy foundation is a great option for dressing the arms, legs, and collarbone.

When to Wear Dewy Foundation?
As our skin tends to dry out in winter months, dewy foundation is a great option to create a glowing complexion even in the dreary, cold weather.

Cons of Dewy Foundation
The formula is not intended for long wear, so re-application is recommended if looking to preserve your makeup look throughout the day.

Whether you decide to go the matte or dewy route for your foundation (or even invest in both formulas!), know that each has its own assortment of benefits and uses. What’s important is that you choose a finish and foundation that works for you and your skin! For more makeup tips and tricks check out Melanin Factory here.


By: Elizabeth Blasi


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